Wetpixel Live: How To Find Your Files Photo

Wetpixel Live: How To Find Your Files

Underwater photographers spend a great deal of time and expense seeking perfection in their images. This includes expensive camera systems, exotic travel, and significant time expanding and developing their skills. Ultimately though, our ability to find the image files we have created is critical in order for us to justify this expenditure and enjoy the activity. Alex and Adam offer some ideas about how a workflow can help to ensure that your images are easy to find.

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Urgent Call for Action: Goliath Grouper Harvest Photo

Urgent Call for Action: Goliath Grouper Harvest

The Florida Wildlife Commission is holding a meeting tomorrow (3 March) to finalize their proposal to allow a “harvest” of the iconic Goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara). These animals are classified as “critically endangered” by the IUCN, and the proposal seeks to reverse protections that have allowed the species to avoid extinction. In addition, the fish are saturated with toxic metals, making their meat unfit for human consumption. Please click through for steps you can take to prevent the decimation of this species.

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UwP Issue 125 Available Photo

UwP Issue 125 Available

Issue 125 of Underwater Photography magazine (UwP) is now available to download. It has an editor’s selection of images from UPY 2022, reviews of the Marelux Sony a1 and Nikon Z50, techniques for tech and free diving, and an overview of the whale shark aggregation at Isla Mujeres. Travel includes Jordan, South Africa, and Mozambique and there is a quiz on obscure marine species.

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Wetpixel Live: Is The SLR Dead? Photo

Wetpixel Live: Is The SLR Dead?

Spurred on by the news that Nikon has ceased the supply of the D500, Alex and Adam discuss whether this means the end of SLR cameras for underwater photographers. They list the pros and cons of SLR and mirrorless cameras and chat about how these can benefit or hinder them when they are used underwater and how the drive to make SLR owners switch to a new system is also in the camera manufacturer’s interests.

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