Wetpixel Live: Compact Cameras for Underwater Photographers Photo

Wetpixel Live: Compact Cameras for Underwater Photographers

We all use devices with very capable cameras almost every day. This explosion in very competent devices has caused a significant change in the camera market, with people typically no longer purchasing dedicated cameras for everyday use. Adam and Phil Medcalf of Alphamarine Photography discuss the shortcomings of smartphones when they are used underwater, and why compact cameras are probably still the best option.

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Review: Marelux Sony a1 Housing by Phil Rudin Photo

Review: Marelux Sony a1 Housing by Phil Rudin

Phil Rudin (@Phil Rudin) kindly shares his thoughts about the new Marelux housing for the Sony a1 mirrorless camera. Marelux is a new player on the underwater camera housing scene and offers housings for mirrorless Sony, Nikon, and Canon cameras, along with anticipated housings for top-end video cameras. Phil gives a thorough rundown of the housing’s pedigree and his impressions from being able to use a prototype version underwater.

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RIP David Cheung Photo

RIP David Cheung

It is very sad to report that David Cheung, doyen of the underwater imaging scene in Singapore, has died after an illness. David, with his shop Scubacam, was a fixture for both residents and those passing through the country and was well known as an inventor, innovator, and inveterate tinkerer with underwater camera gear and systems. Our thoughts go out to his family and many friends around the globe. Please feel free to add your thoughts and memories of David to this thread. Rest in peace David, we miss you.

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Wetpixel Live: Choosing a Strobe Photo

Wetpixel Live: Choosing a Strobe

Photography is in essence the capture of light. Given that most underwater images are captured using artificial light, often in the form of strobes, perhaps we should consider our choice of strobe as being the single most important equipment decision we make. Alex and Adam discuss this and offer some guidelines for underwater photographers considering purchasing underwater lighting.

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