Saga Dive announces interchangeable viewfinder system

Saga Dive has announced a new interchangeable viewfinder system. It consists of a mounting bracket, and 180° and 45° viewfinders. These can be interchanged, even while underwater if required. The mounts will be available for a variety of housing brands.

The Saga Dive viewfinder line will be shipping from January 2019, with the adapter at 215€, the 180° at 475€ and the 45° viewfinder at 590€ (prices exclude local taxes.)

Press release

New Viewfinder line from SAGA DIVE.

Saga Dive is proud to announce its definitive version of a new line of viewfinders, for DSLR and Mirrorless housings

The new system is built on 3 elements: * A waterproof adapter that can be installed in the housing that will be available for Nauticam, Isotta, Subal, Aquatica, Seacam, Sea&Sea, Hugyfot, and Ikelite housings.
* A 180° straight viewfinder
* A 45° viewfinder.

Both viewfinders are interchangeable and can be changed even while underwater.

The viewfinders have been designed to get the maximum image quality, even in the corners. This is achieved by using high-quality glass lenses and prisms inside while still keeping the overall size of the viewfinder as small as possible.

The adapter, with its quick unlock system, will make it very fast and easy to change interchange viewfinders, providing a great deal of versatility.

This system will be available from January 2019.