Recsea releases housing for Canon EOS 7D Mark II

Recsea are shipping their housing for the Canon EOS 7D Mark II SLR. Constructed from aluminum, it has a rear control dial with a push button function. Recsea support a wide range of lenses and there are a range of accessories available, including the new Recsea Airlock Vacuum System RAV-S2.

Press release

Recsea announces CANON EOS 7D Mark II UW Housing RDH-C7DMkII



Compatible Camera: CANON EOS 7D Mark II.
Maximum Depth: 100 meters (328 feet).


Main Body and Back Cover: Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Alloy, Anodized Lever. Buttons, Dials: POM, PC. Flash, LCD Windows: Hard Coat Acrylic Flash Window Diffuser: Polycarbonate (POM). Screws, Springs, Shafts: Stainless Steel, Galvanized


W201mm x D116mm x H162mm (Housing only).


1.860kg (Land / Housing only)
2.433kg (Land / Housing w/Aluminum Fixed Dual Grip)
2.206kg (Land / Housing w/POM Fixed Dual Grip)

Standard Color: Gun Metallic Zero-VOC Enamel Coating.

Included Accessories

Hand Strap, Strobe Mask/External Strobe Connection Mount and Screws x 2, Housing Port Cover, Reserve O-rings (1 Main Body and 1 Housing Port), O-ring Removal Pick, O-ring Grease


Two (2) years from purchase for general users. Six (6) months from purchase for commercial or industrial users.


Canon Lens Port Systems & Gears

Tokina Lens Port Systems & Gears

Sigma Lens Port Systems & Gears


M67 Port Adapter AD-PM67-T2 *
ST Port Adapter AD-PST *

Additional M Port Extensions:

M20 Port Extension SLPME-20
M40 Port Extension SLPME-40
M60 Port Extension SLPME-60

M Port Converters:

INON M Port Converter for Inon Ports SCP-IN2M
SEA&SEA M Port Converter for Sea&Sea NX Ports SCP-SNX02M
SEA&SEA M Port Converter for Sea&Sea CX Ports SCP-SCX02M
NEXUS M Port Converter for Nexus M4 Ports SCP-NE02M
NEXUS M Port Converter for Nexus M5 Ports SCP-NE05M
SUBAL M Port Converter for Subal Type 3 Ports SCP-SU02M
OLYMPUS M Port Converter for Olympus Ports SCP-OM01M