Recea ships HERO4 Session housing

Recsea has released a housing for the GoPro HERO4 Session POV camera. Featuring a maximum depth of 300m (984 feet), the housing offers full camera function control and is machined from aluminum. Recsea can also supply color-correcting filters for the housing.

The GoPro HERO4 Session UW Housing WHG-HERO4S is shipping now.

Press release

GoPro HERO4 Session UW Housing WHG-HERO4S



Compatible Camera: GoPro HERO4 Session.
Maximum Depth: 300 meters (984 feet).
Material:Main Body and Back Cover: Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Alloy, Anodized.
Lens: Hard Coat Acrylic
Buttons: POM
Screws, Springs, Shafts: Stainless Steel, Galvanized

Size (Housing): Dimensions: W69.6mm x D53.5mm x H58.5mm
Weight: Approx. 196g (Land) / 110g (Freshwater w/Camera)


Wrist Strap, Reserve O-ring, O-ring Removal Pick, O-ring Grease


WHG-HERO4S Fresh/Salt Water Color Filter Set w/Filter Rails OP-CF-HERO4S

GOPRO HERO4 Session Mount Adapter OP-AD-HERO4S
Seatool O-ring Grease 3 ml Tube

Following options may be used in conjunction with the Mount Adapter OP-AD-HERO4S: