New 10 Bar accessories

10 Bar has announced two new products. Firstly, the Universal Grip is a clamp that can be sued to attach GoPros or other accessories onto any bar with a diameter of 0.4cm (5/32”) to 6cm (2.5”). Secondly, the company has released a laser target pointer for use with snoots. It has an auto quench function that will cut the laser when it senses a flash being triggered.

The Universal Grip retails at $30, while the laser pointer retails at $85. Both are available now.

Press release

10 Bar New Multi Function Grip

This 10 Bar Universal Grip is designed to be used in a various of ways. Adjustable by a screw, it can clamp onto a plank or a bar from as small as 0.4cm to as big as 6cm in diameter.

The clamp is also equipped with a GoPro mount for its housings and two 1/4” screw thread for mounting other accessories.

Also available is a connector for mounting a handle or arm. In this way you can be fully equipped with just one clamp. Retail price: US$30.00.

Laser Target Pointer

This target pointer is a red laser light that is used for focusing a close object. It can be mounted on strobes, snoots, spear guns etc. The pointer is designed with an auto cut-off light sensor and also equipped with an angle adjustment device for flexibility usage. Retail price US$85.00