Nauticam Announces WACP-C

Nauticam has announced the release of the WACP-C, a light and compact version of the WACP conversion lens in their N100 port fitting. It will work with lenses of a full frame equivalent of 28mm, and offers an 130° field of view.

The WACP-C is shipping now, priced at $3,283.

From Nauticam


Like the WACP-1 and WACP-2, the WACP-C is a dry mount lens design, functioning as both a port and optical lens. It is optimized to work with professional camera lenses up to a full-frame equivalent focal length of 28mm and offers an amazing 130° angle of view. The WACP-C can focus as close as the front element and captures images with minimal distortion.

A wide variety of lenses are supported, both primes and zooms for a variety of cameras. Please check the WACP-C PORT CHART for supported lenses and suggested configurations as some lenses will require extension rings or adapters.

Similar to WACP-1, the WACP-C greatly improves the overall image sharpness. The WACP-C will provide approximately 3 f-stops of increased corner sharpness when compared to traditional wide rectilinear lenses with a similar field of view behind a dome port. This means being able to achieve about the same corner sharpness with WACP-C at f/5.6 that you could achieve with your rectilinear lens behind a dome port a f/16. As a point of comparison, WACP-1 provides approximately 4 f-stops of increased corner sharpness.

The WACP-C’s zoom-through capability means the underwater filmmaker or photographer can capture astonishing wide, medium and close-up shots all with one lens while maintaining optimum optical and close-focus performance. Take for instance the Sony 28-60mm f/4-5.6 lens which receives a field-of-view range of 69º to 130º with the WACP-C. This lens allows for acquisition of more dynamic content on each and every dive without the need for a second camera.