Coral, Fire and Ice in Calgary

Coral Fire and Ice with Doubilet and Hayes on Wetpixel

As a part of the National Geographic Live tour, David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes will be presenting their “Coral, Fire, and Ice: Exploring Secret Underwater Worlds” lecture at the 16 Arts Commons, Calgary, Canada on 15 and 16 March. The talk is about the pair’s most recent assignments for National Geographic, to Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, Antarctica and the Gulf of St. Lawrence, Canada.

Kimbe Bay, Papua New Guinea, is a corner of the coral triangle that also includes the Philippines and Indonesia, and is the center of the world in terms of marine biodiversity. Discover an unspoiled wilderness of water crowded with layers of life: from fingernail-size pygmy seahorses to 60-foot-tall towers of barracudas.

Then, journey south to the cold ice-filled waters of Antarctica, where the team moves through and under the ice to capture images of the hidden world of the leopard seal, penguins, shipwrecks, and Doubilet’s newest work on the sculptural beauty of icebergs. Finally, follow the team north to Canada’s Gulf of St. Lawrence, an extraordinary world of whales, wolfish, salmon⎯and the harp seal, a remarkable creature fighting to survive in a world of shrinking sea ice.”