Call for Entries: Underwater Art Photo Contest 2022

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Diventures Magazine is calling for entries to its 2022 Underwater Art (UWART) Photo Contest. It offers categories for Wide Angle, Behavior, Wreck, Compact Camera, Macro, and Art images. The deadline for entries is 3 October.

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Underwater Art Photo Contest 2022

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Wide Angle Category

When you think of images that made you want to be a diver, you probably remember colorful landscapes of vibrant coral reefs or images of sea creatures moving slowly in the ocean. Wide angle photos show the ocean at its finest. You can record wide-angle photos of marine creatures or coral reefs.

Behavior Category

This category describes the behavior of marine creatures. From the clownfish dad looking after his eggs to snakes fighting each other, this category includes images that tell a larger story about an encounter or interaction with an animal.

Wreck Category

Wrecks are our heritage, you can feel what happened inside this wreck before its last moments. Next to these feelings, you see the beauty inside and how it became home to marine life. In this category, you can submit photos of natural and artificial wrecks as well as photos of underwater museums.

Compact Camera Category

For divers who rely on compact cameras, which are now one of the most comprehensive categories in their photography. You can record wide angle or macro photos in this category. But using small cameras.

Macro Category

The macro category is one of the most fascinating categories for those who are interested in underwater photography or even those who are not. These little creatures have earned themselves a place through photography, where their brilliant colors never cease to amaze us. Macro photography takes a small subject and brings it to life.

Art Category

Paintings are a picture that breathe, painting about the underwater world is very similar to the feeling of the ocean. So we added this category, the Art and Oil Paintings category. You can upload your oil paintings or any type of Art (Photoshoped, illustration, etc…) related to marine life and diving.

UWART Judges

Our judges are Award Winners in many International Photo contests, and judges in different photo contests.


1st Place … All First-Place winners in all categories will receive 500 USD Cash Prize
2nd Place … All Second-Place winners in all categories will receive 250 USD Cash Prize
3rd Place … All Third-Place winners in all categories will receive 100 USD Cash Prize

Official Rules

Please read the Official Rules before entering.

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