Aquatica D100 Housing

Michael AW's review of the Aquatica D-100 housing.
Excerpt: "In early June this year I realised that I must go to Raja Ampat to complete a final shoot for my new coffee-table book, Richest Reefs, which I have just completed. Short of time, and with no chance for a re-shoot (by the time you read this the book will be printed and on its way to the bookshop), I decided to take a second digital camera along for the trip. The Nikon D100 camera body and its Aquatica housing arrived the night before my departure. The entire exercise of opening the boxes, preparing the housing, popping a CompactFlash (CF) card, lens and battery into the camera, and completing the rig with twin Ikelite strobes, took me about 30 minutes ..."

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Aquatica Fuji S2 Pro Housing Review

Wetpixel has posted a comprehensive review of the Aquatica Fuji S2 Pro Digital Housing, by James Wiseman.

Excerpt: "Aquatica has entered the digital market with both feet -- and it appears that they are taking feedback from their users and improving each of the new housings as they come out. The S2 housing is certainly a winner and leaves very little to be desired. The construction is good, the versatility to use different lenses is there, and the unit is really a pleasure to use underwater." [read the review]

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BBFS PIT Journal 2003

A comprehensive report of the Bimini Biological Field Station's 2003 PIT Tagging Project. During the course of four weeks, the local cohort of juvenile lemon sharks are caught and tagged under the direction of shark scientist Dr. Samuel H Gruber. The PIT program runs annually; you can find out more information at the sharklab website.

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