Jim Watt’s Digital Adventures

Since many Wetpixel readers are interested in what is going o­n with Jim (in addition to the bahamas trip) since his adoption of digital, read o­n to see his schedule.

Bonaire Digital Shootout-November 9 - 16, 2002

Splash into the world of underwater digital photography at the second annual underwater Digital Shootout in Bonaire November 9 - 16, 2002. Jim will be o­ne of the speakers and judges at the "shootout.

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Reefpix.org chat!

Wetpixel contributor James Wiseman (jamesw) is moderating an o­nline chat about digital underwater photography, which will take place o­n Wednesday July 24th 9pm Eastern:

I'd like to introduce you to my new website with an o­nline chat and you are all invited! Please take your wetsuit off before coming inside...

What I plan to do is present a talk I gave to my local UW Photo Society called "From Film to Digital" The talk will be geared for both beginners and "seasoned" UW photographers. I plan to cover the "state of the practice" as well as the "state of the art" - since I have done intensive research and recently received my new Digital SLR.

I have put all my slides up o­nline so everyone can follow along during the talk just like it is a slideshow. After the "presentation" I think it would be great if we could have a roundtable discussion where everyone can share their unique expertise and "tips and tricks" for each camera/housing system. For more details -->

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