Potential new species of manta ray spotted off Palm Beach Florida Photo

Potential new species of manta ray spotted off Palm Beach Florida

Drone footage shot off Palm Beach, Florida by photographer Ivy Yin of Our Children’s Earth Foundation shows footage of a potentially new species of manta ray. Yin sent the footage to Dr. Andrea Marshall, co-founder of the Marine Megafauna Foundation, and a scientist who studies manta rays off the Florida coast. Not only does she believe this to be a new species of manta ray, but also that the coast of Florida around Palm Beach could serve as a nursery for this species.

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Help Protect Florida Giant Groupers by Walt Stearns Photo

Help Protect Florida Giant Groupers by Walt Stearns

The Florida Wildlife Commission (FWC) is hosting a public meeting on Thursday 26 April in Fort Lauderdale to discuss a proposal to open the breeding grounds of the critically endangered goliath grouper (Epinephelus itajara) to fishing. [Walt Stearns]http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/fllcc-fort-lauderdale-marriott-north/) writes about the issues around this decision and appeals for individuals to “make their voices heard” either at the meeting or by signing the online petition.

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Review and guide: Shiny Prints Metal Prints Photo

Review and guide: Shiny Prints Metal Prints

Wetpixel presents a review and guide to getting the best from underwater images when printing on metal. Bespoke metal print house, Shiny prints provided a metal print and Wetpixel has reviewed the process of ordering from the company and the quality of the prints they produce. As a special benefit to the Wetpixel community, Shiny Prints are offering a 30% discount on member’s first orders.

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Earth Day 2018 Photo

Earth Day 2018

Wishing the Wetpixel community a very happy Earth Day 2018. Earth Day is traditionally an opportunity to reflect on how our actions impact the environment and to try and improve our personal effect on the planet’s environment. The organizers of the 2018 event have chosen to highlight the growing problem of plastic pollution. Most of us can reduce the amount of plastic we consume via lifestyle and consumer choices; perhaps 2018 is the year to audit our lives and to seek to use less plastic?

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Smugmug acquires Flickr Photo

Smugmug acquires Flickr

In major news for photo hosting and sharing, Smugmug has announced plans to acquire Flickr. The plan is for the two brands to: “Continue to operate as separate entities with the shared goal of providing photographers with both a place to fit in and a place to stand out.”

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