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Hugyfot announces Vision housing for HERO5 Photo

Hugyfot announces Vision housing for HERO5

Hugyfot has announced their Vision housing for the GoPro HERO5. Constructed of aluminum, it is rated to 200m (650 feet) and has an integrated 7” HDMI monitor along with a 2 Li-ion battery packs that allow for 5 hours of shooting. It is supplied with Hugyfot’s wing tray and handles with 1” ball mounts and a red flip filter.

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Ask the Pros: Housing Maintenance Photo

Ask the Pros: Housing Maintenance

Housing maintenance, especially in the field, is a much discussed topic. If you search for the word “rinse” on the Wetpixel forum, there are hundreds of results. For this issue of Wetpixel’s Ask the Pros column, we’ve asked some of our industry’s big names how they do it….

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Update: Housing compatibility for Panasonic LUMIX GH4 Photo

Update: Housing compatibility for Panasonic LUMIX GH4

DeeDee Flores of Samy’s Camera has written in to inform us that:

The Panasonic GH-4 camera fits inside the Nauticam GH-3 housing with full functionality.”

This is great news for LUMIX DMC GH-3 owners looking to upgrade to the 4K performance of the DMC GH-4. It is likely, although not definite, that other GH-3 housings will work with the GH-4 too.

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DeepPro releases GoPro housing Photo

DeepPro releases GoPro housing

DeepPro has launched a new housing for GoPro HERO 3 and 3+ cameras. The GPH3 aluminum housing features a dome port that increases the GoPro’s in water field of view underwater to that of it at the surface and does not vignette even in Superwide mode. It also reduces the minimum focus distance to 6” and has bulkhead allowing for the use of an external monitor or recorder.

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Gates releases housing for Canon XA25 Photo

Gates releases housing for Canon XA25

Gates Underwater Products has released details and renderings of their upcoming housing for the Canon XA25, XA20 and HGF30 camcorders. It has mechanical controls, a side window for viewing the camera’s LCD and full camera menu access via the Canon remote control.

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Amphibico announces the Genesis FS700 housing Photo

Amphibico announces the Genesis FS700 housing

Amphibico has announced the imminent release of its Genesis housing for the Sony NEX-FS700 camera. The new housing features the company’s customary electronic controls with access to over 25 camera functions from the grips and is machined from marine grade aluminum. Monitoring is available via a top mounted window, and the housing will be compatible with a wide variety of Sony E-mount lenses. Lastly, the housing features a bayonet port lock system that is compatible with Aquatica ports.

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Backscatter releases the AirLock Photo

Backscatter releases the AirLock

Backscatter has released its AirLock vacuum system with. This offers the option of being able to manually verify that a housing is watertight, by creating a vacuum and maintaining a vacuum within the housing. Backscatter acknowledges that “most camera housing floods are preventable with good assembly technique but say that the vacuum system will prevent issues when “even the most experienced shooter can get in a rush and make a fatal error

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Product images: Seacam housing for Canon 5D Mk III Photo

Product images: Seacam housing for Canon 5D Mk III

Unlike most other housing manufacturers, Seacam choose not to issue press releases of new products. In the case of their new housing for the Canon 5D Mark III, SEACAM owner Marko Dimitrijevic has sent us pictures (via Seacam USA’s Stephen Frink) of his newly acquired housing for his Canon 5D Mk III.

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