Video: Cocos by Berkley White

Berkley White's hammerheads on Wetpixel

Backscatter’s Berkley White has posted a stunning video featuring an amazing dive with a large school of hammerhead sharks at Cocos Islands on Vimeo. In his own words:

We were ending another epic dive at the world famous pinnacle known as Alcyone. The current was next to nothing yet the hammerheads were boiling up out of the deep. At the end of the dive we came up as a group and drifted off the buoy line. In the distance we saw a large dark cloud that I assumed was a giant school of jacks. It turned out to be well over 200 hammerhead sharks. As I drifted into this mega school I could see the sharks twitch when they saw me. I thought it was over when the school split into two groups, but then both groups circled back in a giant figure eight pattern to make eye contact over and over again. I was so excited I’m not sure how how I kept the camera steady. It was truly one of the best dives of my life

The video was shot with Canon 5D mkII, Sigma 15mm with Kenko 1.4x Teleconverter, Aquatica Housing. Ambient light. KISS Sport rebreather.

Berkely and team plan to return to Cocos, please visit the Backscatter website for more details.