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TheUnderwaterPhotographer.com Comes to Life!

October 21, 2003. Tavernier, Florida. Underwater photo and video enthusiasts now have an exciting new resource available to learn the latest techniques and skills to capture compelling underwater images.

Just launched, theUnderwaterPhotographer.com is a new o­nline underwater photography school and information platform providing individuals the opportunity to enroll in market leading courses dedicated to underwater photography.

The course offerings address every experience level, format, and discipline currently available in underwater imaging. This includes film and digital still photography, videography, and the digital imaging workflow, which covers everything that can happen with your images o­nce you move them from camera to computer.

"There is an amazing need for education of the techniques and skills to capture compelling underwater images especially with the o­nset of the digital camera revolution and the amazing opportunities now available to divers" quotes Marty Snyderman, Emmy Award winning cinematographer and co-owner of theUnderwaterPhotographer.com.

"We have created this site with the idea that there are many different experience levels, equipment formats, and personal goals of underwater photographers. We think we are the first platform to address the needs of those photographers that still use film cameras, as well as the growing novice and the advanced digital user market."

Courses currently open for enrollment include:

"Elements of Successful Underwater Photography" by Marty Snyderman,

"Introduction to Digital Underwater Photography" by Marty Snyderman

"Digital Workflow & Image Manipulation for Underwater Photography" by Bonnie Pelnar

Other courses in development are "Introduction to the Digital Imaging Workflow for Underwater Photography" by Bonnie Pelnar, "Advanced Digital Imaging for Underwater Photography" by Bonnie Pelnar, "Successful Underwater Photography with a Film Point & Shoot Camera" by Marty Snyderman, and "Successful Underwater Photography with Digital Camera Systems" by Marty Snyderman. A series are video courses are also planned for future release.

"Our courses teach not o­nly better shooting techniques, but also address the digital imaging workflow. For those who want to learn more about this important part of the digital imaging process, there are few other resources available that teach Photoshop techniques specifically for underwater images." says Bonnie Pelnar, co-owner of the site. "Many underwater photography enthusiasts are avid computer users and will appreciate the flexibility of an internet based course. The web is a very attractive learning medium because it allows the student to attend class anytime, and review information and lessons at their will during their enrollment period. As the developers, we can continually update the information to keep up with the rapidly changing technology."

In addition to the courses, the site has a Shooter's Resources section which includes a Resort, Live-Aboard, and Dive Operator Guide with detailed information about businesses around the world who cater to the needs of the underwater photographer and videographer. There is also a Bookstore, Products & Technology database, News & Events section and Articles & Ideas column.

"We wanted to be able to provide as much relative information to the photographer as we could. We felt we needed to compliment the extraordinary quality of our courses with information that would allow our members to shop for equipment, and choose a destination to hone the skills they have gained from the courses," says Guy Miller, co-owner and Business Manager of theUnderwaterPhotographer.com.

TheUnderwaterPhotographer.com is owned and produced by Blue Ocean Media Inc. The creators, Marty Snyderman, Bonnie Pelnar, and Guy Miller felt the platform should be an environment to inform, educate, and inspire. Please visit theUnderwaterPhotographer.com for more information and course previews and descriptions.