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Easydive announces Leo3 Magic housing Photo

Easydive announces Leo3 Magic housing

Easydive has announced their new Leo3 Magic housing for the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema 6K camera. Rated to 150m, the housing is lighter than the Leo3 and have a double battery pack. Camera control is via Bluetooth, the housing can provide 2 HDMI/SDI feeds out if it is combined with an optional converter, and an external drive can also be added in the housing if required.

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Easydive ships DivePad housing Photo

Easydive ships DivePad housing

Easydive has released its DivePad housing for iOS and Android tablets. The universal housings word with all current models with screens up to 10” diagonal screen size. Camera functions can be accessed via the DivePad app for iOS tablets or keyboard controls in Android.

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Easydive announces the Leo III housing Photo

Easydive announces the Leo III housing

Easydive has released a new version of their Leo housing. The Leo III uses electronic control of most camera functions, which allows it to be upgraded for use with different camera models. It ships with 2 Nikonos and fiber optic connectors. It can be fitted with port connections for other manufacturers ports if required.

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Review: Easydive Leo II housing Photo

Review: Easydive Leo II housing

The Italian-made Easydive Leo II housing has attracted a great deal of attention as its USB camera control offers the ability to host a variety of different cameras and also allows the user to upgrade to newer camera bodies without needing to invest in a new housing at the same time. In this article, Rico Besserdich, who is sponsored by Easydive, provides his impressions of the housing’s performance.

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