StingRay lll Underwater Video Housing

Light & Motion announces the all new ultra compact StingRay III housing for the latest Sony MiniDV cameras TRV19, TRV22, and TRV33. Nearly half the size of the original StingRay, the new super compact StingRay III offers the same features of the full size model. Along with the new smaller size is a
new lower price of $1199! Complete Travel Packages including housing, mini dual lights, and custom case start as low as $2199! Compact underwater digital video is now more affordable than ever.
Available accessories include a Super Wide-Angle lens that increases the angle of coverage and a 2.5" color Monitor Back. The monitor back allows the user to view a color image of what the camera sees as well as displaying all camera data normally viewed o­n the camera's flip screen.

All new Stingray III supports Sony TRV19, TRV22, and TRV33. The original Stingray supports the slightly larger Sony TRV38, TRV39 and TRV80.

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