Sea&Sea Announces Vacuum System for MDX Housings

Underwater housings on Wetpixel

Sea&Sea has announced their new vacuum leak detection system for their MDX housings. Once activated and vacuum pumped, the temperature compensated circuit offer continued monitoring of its status via LEDs. The circuit can be installed by Sea&Sea.

Please consult your local dealer for pricing and availability information. From Sea&Sea

Leak Alarm Unit

Product No.46135

An alarm unit that prevents water leakage by creating negative pressure inside the housing and monitoring the change of pressure. The air pressure sensor and leak sensor function doubly. On land, the waterproof properties of the shield can be checked when the camera is set. In water, the leak sensor reacts and issues alerts with an LED indicator if water leaks into the housing.

Advanced function installed!

Underwater housings on Wetpixel

Leak Sensor

It monitors the air pressure inside the housing caused by negative pressure build-up created by the vacuum valve. It notifies the seal condition with 3-color LED lighting/flashing and an alarm.


It attaches to the housing accessory port and sucks out the air from inside the housing using the included manual pump.

3-colored LED Indicator

If red, orange and green LED flashes rapidly, it is an alert for battery drain.

It can be additionally attached to your housing.

We offer an attachment service to the SEA&SEA MDX-type housing you use regularly.

Compatible housings:

SONY: MDX-α6300/α7Ⅱ/α7Ⅲ/α7Ⅳ