Seacam Announces Carrying System

Seacam has released a new carrying system. It comprises paracord lanyards with tack hook connections and stainless steel connections that attach to the central bolt on arm clamps.

This gives the option of attaching the lanyard on the housing to arm connection, when using a macro lens and shorter arms for example. If longer arms are used, the connectors can be moved to the arm to arm connection, allowing for a more comfortable carrying position.

The lanyards are adjustable for length, and are available unblock or silver. Seacam point out that the paracord has a breaking strength of over 1 ton, so it should be strong enough to support the weight of most peoples’ housings!

Please contact Seacam or your local dealer for pricing and availability information.

The carrying system modelled by Seacam owner, Harald Hordosch.

Tack hook connections