Sea & Sea DX-1Ds Canon 1Ds Housing

Sea & Sea's Japanese website has listed the DX-1Ds, a new housing for the 1Ds, Canon's flagship 11-megapixel digital SLR.

Price TBD
Available this Fall

Housing for the Canon EOS-1Ds, the best professional digital AF SLR, which won the "Camera Grand Prix 2003." Compact, corrosive-resistant aluminum alloy body. Anonized aluminum (red) color. Functional design allowing control of most 1Ds functions. Equipped with a shutter-coordinated focus light connector and 2 strobe connectors. Name plates (your name engraved) can be added as an option.

-Controllable funtions
Shutter button, exposure mode selection button, AF mode selection button, drive mode selection button, ISO film speed set up button, AEB set up button, main switch, sub-electronic dial, AF frame selection button, AE lock button, assist button, main electronic dial, exposure compensation/manual F stop set up button, FE lock/multi-spot metering button, display panel light up button, protect button, menu buton, selection button, display button, delete button, back display panel, record image selection button, white balance selection button

-Material: corrosive-resistant aluminum alloy (shaved)
-Dimension: 340(width)