Results: Monterey Shootout 2019

Hosted by Backscatter and NCUPS, the 2019 Monterey Shootout was held from 22 to 25 August. It attracted 172 contestants to dive in excellent conditions in Monterey Bay and socialize at the infamous Backscatter party that rounds off the event. Congratulations to Maxwel Hohn for his winning video and to all the entrants for their stunning imagery

The full results have been posted, below are the category winners

Chuck Tribolet best of show award

Maxwel Hohn-Winner Video Montage category and Best of Show

Advanced wide angle traditional

Winner-Joe Platko

Advanced wide angle unrestricted

Winner-Maxwel Hohn

Advanced macro traditional

Winner-Jon Anderson

Advanced macro unrestricted

Winner-Desmond Ho

Intermediate wide angle traditional

Winner-Ian Markham

Intermediate wide angle unrestricted

Winner-Andrew McCurdy

Intermediate macro traditional

Winner-Heather Reiff

Intermediate macro unrestricted

Winner-Nathan Coy

Beginner wide angle traditional

Winner-Megan Pitcavage

Beginner wide angle unrestricted

Winner-Valerie Saidman

Beginner macro traditional

Winner-Joyce Wong

Beginner macro unrestricted

Winner-Tomas Grim

Video snapshot wide angle

Winner-Tyler Schiffman

Video snapshot macro

Winner-Alex Seys