Recsea announces housing for Canon G7 X Mark II

Recsea has announced their CWC-G7XII housing for the Canon G7 X Mark II compact camera. Manufactured from aluminum, the housing offer interchangeable lens ports with an M67 thread on the standard port for attaching accessory lenses. The housing offers access to all camera controls and is rated to 100m (328ft).

The CWC-G7XII will be shipping from 8 August. Please consult your local retailer for price information.

Press release

CANON PowerShot G7 X Mark II UW Housing WHC-G7XMkII



Compatible Camera: CANON PowerShot G7 X Mark II
Maximum Depth: 100 meters (328 feet) Material: Main Body, Back Cover: Corrosion-resistant Aluminum Alloy, Anodized
Lens Port: POM
Lever, Buttons, Dials: POM, PC
Lens, Flash & LCD Window: Hard Coat Acrylic
Screws, Springs, Shafts: Stainless Steel, Galvanized
Size (Housing): Dimensions: W150.25mm x D126mm x H102.75mm
Weight: Approx. 926g (Land) / 335g (Freshwater wCamera)
Accessories: Diffuser, Strobe Mask-External Strobe Connection Mount (Fiber-Optic/SEA&SEA) and Screw, Wrist Strap, Reserve O-rings (1 Back Cover, 2 Lens Port), O-ring Removal Pick, O-ring Grease


Two (2) years from purchase for general users, six (6) months for commercial or industrial users.