Picture of the Week Rules Change

Article Summary:

Hello, readers. We have changed the rules to the Picture of the Week contest a little bit, based on a suggestion by Wetpixel moderator Herb Ko.

Individual POTW contests will now either be in "entry" mode (albums marked with "ACCEPTING ENTRIES") or "voting" mode (albums marked with "VOTING"). You may submit competition photos only during entry mode, which will last for one week. After entry mode, the album will switch to voting mode; entries will no longer be accepted, but public voting will commence on the submitted images.

The voting style has also been changed to make your lives as voters easier. You now just vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place photos, instead ranking each and every photo.

At any given time, there will be two active POTW contests: 1) the previous week's contest (in voting mode), and 2) the current week's contest (in entry mode).

By pipelining the POTW contest, we hope to get more public votes for winner selection! So head on over and vote for last week's competition, which focuses on a conservation theme.