Photoshop celebrates 25 years of digital manipulation

Photoshop on Wetpixel

Photoshop celebrates its 25 year anniversary today. The software, originally called Display, was invented in 1987 by Thomas Knoll who then attempted to monetise it. The rumours are that he approached many existing camera companies, including Nikon, who could not see the value in a pixel editing program, before it was purchased by Adobe in 1990. Photoshop has now been released in 18 versions, and its name is now used a verb to describe any image that has been edited (“photoshopped”).

The other major news regarding Adobe is the ongoing leaks about the imminent release of Lightroom 6. PetaPixel reports that a French site has listed the release date as March 9, and says that it will feature GPU processing. Other enhancements include advanced black and white conversions, a powerful healing brush and a pano/HDR merging process within the program. Of course, this all rumour!