Noodilab releases Optical Light Condenser

Noodilab on Wetpixel

Noodilab has released their optical light condenser for Fisheye FIX NEO lights. The lens elements within it concentrate the light to a singular bright spot allowing the capture of “snoot type shots” whilst using a power setting of between 1-10% (more if you require it) on the light.

Noodilab on Wetpixel

Kay Burn Lim notes:

No more focusing issues or problems targeting your subject. What you see is what you get. Much simpler to operate alone. Battery life is ridiculously long at those settings, lasting hours left on. It works on larger subjects as well. Simply pull back and increase the power to your desired level. Fisheye’s NEO lights are adjustable to 1% levels at 1% increments giving you full control.”

The condenser will be available via Fisheye’s distributors worldwide.