Live Reports: Wetpixel/Under the Jungle Cenote Workshop

Day 5

The structure of the Wetpixel/Under the Jungle provides for a series of day’s experimenting with techniques and then two days in which the participants can chose where they would like to shoot. Today was an opportunity to experiment with off camera strobes and continuous lighting.

Som we all headed over to Cenote Tak Bi Ha. The cavern dive here is very “cave-like” and is highly decorated.

Natalie ran thorough a site and safety briefing and then went on to discuss how to use continuous light to light up scenes.

She has the advantage of Keldan lights, including the new RC-1 ultrasonic remote control.

Tom then chatted through how to use off-camera strobes, using Anglerfish triggers.

They then set up number of scenes, and the participants were able to go in and shoot them using the various lighting techniques.

We then headed to Jaunitas for a late lunch!

Once we had returned to base, Adam and Tom hosted a discussion and review of the key concepts of composition, overviewing the techniques and experiences of the participants. After dinner, we then did an image review. Here is a sample of the amazing work being produced by the team:

Image by Caroline Baine, Cenote Tak Bi Ha

Image by Erica Watson, Cenote Carwash

Image by RC, Cenote Tak Bi Ha

Image by Rob Giersch, Cenote Tak Bi Ha

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