Live Reports: Wetpixel/Under the Jungle Cenote Workshop

Day 3

Continuing on our theme of shooting in ambient light, we spent the day refining and practising shooting in the Pit. This amazing 30m deep cenote has amazing light beams that reach all the way down to the bottom, picking up the remains of a tree that has fallen into the cenote at some point.

The light beams are seasonal and definitely related to the time of day. As the sun goes overhead, the light beams appear through the opening. This makes the timings very critical.

Thankfully, we had local knowledge with us in the form of Natalie and Tom, who were able to time the dives to perfection, ensuring that we were in the water at precisely the right time to achieve great images. As always, we started off with a discussion about the dive plan, site, and plan, followed by an overview of some of the photographic opportunities.

Due to the cave openings’ orientation, there are two main light beams. These vary in intensity, so this provides two carefully timed dives.

Lunch was at Juanita’s!

Once we got back, the participants selected and edited their images for the nightly image review. Before dinner, Adam provided a reviews of strobe use, specifically how to balance ambient light and strobes in the cenotes.

After dinner, we reviewed some beautiful images from the team. Here is a selection of their images:

Image by Caroline Bain, the Pit

Image by Rob Giersch, the Pit

Image by Erica Watson, The Pit

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