Live Reports: Wetpixel/Under the Jungle Cenote Workshop

Day 5

In common with almost all underwater photography, repeat visits to the same site will frequently result in productivity. The forecast is predicting cloudy weather for the end of the week, so we took the decision to concentrate on ambient light sites, rather than those that we plan to light using off-camera lighting. Chatting through the options, with the team, they decided to revise the Pit. This is definitely an ambient light site, so it made sense to revisit it while the light was strong.

The day followed our usual plan. Natalie provided a thorough dive plan and safety briefing, followed by a photographic briefing from Tom and Adam. The decision was made to dive in a 1:1 guide ratio, with Adam acting as a model in the sunbeams. Subsequently, there has been much comment on Adam’s trim-mostly not positive!

The light conditions were best around midday, so the group hustled after their first dive in order to capture the spectacle. While we were there, a group of freedivers was training and they made a fun subject to provide scale to our images.

After two productive dives, we headed to an open-air restaurant near the cenote for tacos…

To finish the day, Tom, Natalie and Adam did a presentation that covered the basics of off-camera lighting, using powerful video light or remotely triggered strobes.

After dinner, we did another image review of the participants’ images from the day:

Image by Patricia Dusman, the Pitt

Image by Nir Friedman, the Pitt

Image by Peter Korn, the Pitt

Image by Chris Forbes, the Pitt

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