Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Day 5 Closing Ceremony

One of the hashtags for the 2018 Anilao Shootout is “itsmorefuninthephilippines.” Watching the preparations for the closing ceremony at Aiyanar Resort was an education in how seriously the Philippines take having fun! A complete soundstage with large screen, marquees, and seating has sprung up in the gardens.

The festivities began with a press conference featuring the judging panel and Assistant Secretary Roberto (Robie) P. Alabado III.

John Thet, Ivana Orlovic, Ellen Cuylaerts, Eka Gomez (the hardest working videographer in the world), and Laurent Ballesta

Festivities had begun…

Aiyanar’s Marco Santos and Ellen Cuylaerts

Ram Yoro

The entertainment kicked off with vocalist Monique de los Santos singing to an appreciative crowd.

Underwater 360’s Andrew Lim

We were then “treated” to an act by a troupe of drag queens!

We then moved on to the award ceremony proper. Philippines Airlines is one of the major sponsors of the event, and their representative, Koryn Iledan (who had been diving with us today) showcased new flight option that the airline is offering to El Nido, Isabela, and Occidental Mindoro.

Assistant Secretary Roberto (Robie) P. Alabado III then introduced the Philippine government’s commitment to the development of sustainable growth of the scuba tourism market.

Wetpixel has featured all the winning images of the 2018 Anilao Shootout in a Full Frame Feature. It is a stunning body of work, please head on over to check it out.

The contest has 11 categories and the first of these, Blackwater, involved live judging. The judges used a show of fingers to sign their scores.

The DOT staff tabulated these to produce a live result

Blackwater category winner Cai Songda

XDeep were a major sponsor

After the awards ceremony, the party continued…

Champion Dennis Corpuz with Mike Bartick

Scubashooters’ Ivana Orlovic

After parties carried on until the small hours and involved Tequila and Bohemian Rhapsody (as far as I can remember!)

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