Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Live Reports: Anilao Underwater Shootout 2018

Day 4

The final day of shooting for the 2018 Anilao Underwater Shootout has arrived! The teams are all out and about finalizing their images and making the tiny corrections that will make their pictures the winning ones.

Once again, thanks to the Philippines Department of Tourism, our media boat set out for a two tank morning dive. We planned to dive wide angle sites, so we headed across the straits.

The first dive was on a site called La Yag, which is a reef site with fantastic coral bommies, covered in really colorful soft corals.

We were working with our fellow media representative from Scubashooter’s, Ivana Orlov, on some modeling shots around the pinnacles.

We were also joined by judge and photographer Ellen Cuylaerts.

After a fantastic dive, we motored over a short distance to a store called Sombrero. I was exacting Anilao to deliver some amazing macro photography, but am blown away by the quality of the wide angle scenery on its reefs. It is world class…

Inon’s Takuya Torii was in the water with us!

We returned to the dive center for a late lunch.

Judge William Tan presented a talk on ethical underwater image making and provided some pointers on how to create stunning underwater image making without resorting to unethical underwater behavior.

He chatted at length about black water diving, so it was perhaps apposite that we then went and did some…

Tomorrow will be a busy day with presentations, diving, and the judging starting. We will be reporting!

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