Leak Insure announces bulk packs

Leak Insure on Wetpixel

Leak Insure has announced that they are now offering their absorbent sachets for housings in bulk value packs. They are designed to mop up small leaks and also serve as desiccants to absorb moisture trapped in the housing. The bulk packs contain either 10 Slim or Shorty sized sachets.

The bulk packs are available now, priced at £7.99 in the UK.


New - Value Packs of Leak Insure Absorbent Sachets

Prevent damage to your underwater camera for less.

Leak Insure have launched 2 New Extra Value product configurations, both the Slim and Shorty absorbent sachets for underwater camera housings. Both products are now available in value packs of 10 sachets for just £7.99 a saving of over £2 compared to buying 2 x 5 sachet packs.

The Slim (size 80x20mm) and the Shorty (size 60x20mm) are designed to fit in to compact camera, underwater housings or any housing where space is at a premium.

Leak Insure on Wetpixel

Leak Insure absorbent sachets were initially designed to absorb leaks in underwater camera housings but they also have a major benefit of removing moisture from the air trapped inside your housing. The fast acting absorbent granules can reduce fogging in seconds far quicker and more effective than other desiccants.

A benefit against other products I have used is that you can see the degree to which moisture has been absorbed. It certainly served me well in terms of preventing any misting whatsoever, especially coming in and out of air-conditioned environments.” Dave, West Midlands.

For more information visit www.leakinsure.com.