Introducing Secrets of the Seas by Alex Mustard and Callum Roberts

Wetpixel Associate Editor Alex Mustard has teamed up with marine scientist and author Callum Roberts to present a “visual celebration of the life within and beneath the world’s seas and oceans” in their new book: Secrets of the Seas. Each chapter features a 1500 word essay about the challenges facing the marine environment and tales of “oceanography, marine life and human history”.

Secrets of the Seas will be available from the publisher, or at local and online retailers from 22 September, priced at £25 in the UK.

Press release

Secrets of the Seas

A Journey into the Heart of the Oceans**

By Alex Mustard and Callum Roberts

A superb visual celebration of life within and beneath the world’s seas and oceans, featuring stunning images from leading underwater photographer Alex Mustard.

We live on a planet where 71 percent of the surface is covered in water- and yet much of the wonderful wildlife within these underwater worlds remains mysterious and elusive to us, with high quality underwater photography being extremely difficult to find.

This book - aided by the wonderful imagery of Alex Mustard, one of the world’s leading underwater photographers - aims to shine new light upon our seas and the extraordinary variety of plant and animal life that lives beneath its depths. It also goes some way to showing us exactly what it is we stand to lose, with the text addressing the very real issues of change in the oceans along with tales of oceanography, marine life and human history in the seas.

The images are crisp and immediate, making this a beautiful coffee table item, with each chapter accompanied by a 1500 word essay and extended captions written by leading natural history writer, Professor Callum Roberts.

About the Authors

Alex Mustard has been taking underwater photographs for 30 years. In 2013 he was named European Wildlife Photographer of the Year and was a category winner in the UK Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. His last book, Reefs Revealed, won the International Grand Prize for the best book of underwater photographs.

Callum Roberts is Professor of Marine Conservation at the University of York in the UK and is author of two award winning books, The Unnatural History of the Sea and Ocean of Life: How our Seas are Changing. For the last 25 years he has used science to make the case for stronger protection for marine life at both national and international levels.

Published by Bloomsbury Natural History
22nd September 2016
Hardback, £25.00