Interview with underwater photographer Mallory Morrison

Samy’s Camera recently interviewed artistic underwater photographer Mallory Morrison. Originally a dance photographer, Morrison’s photography has move into the underwater realm in recent years. In the interview she talks about her photography and her career.

An excerpt from the interview:

Q: Originally, you are a dance photographer. Much of your underwater photography displays a similar gracefulness that comes to mind when many think of the movements associated with dancers. What sparked you to take your work from the stage to the water?

A: I found underwater when I was in photo school at Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara. They had a pool that students could use. My friend was into surf photography, so he had a housing. I was shooting dancers in the studio at the time and getting very frustrated with the limits of the cold, concrete space. All of these elements came together in my head one day and I thought about putting dancers in the pool and using my friend’s gear. After I tried it once, I was hooked.

Read the full interview here.

Here is Mallory Morrison’s dedicated website.