Inon Ships GoPro Selfie Attachment

Inon is shipping a simple selfie-stick adaptor for GoPro HERO camera housings. It can be used with Inon’s carbon or standard stick arms and has a lanyard attachment and a large winged thumbscrew to ensure a tight-fitting mounting.

Inon is also now shipping the SD front masks and M67 Filter mounts for HERO8/9 as previously announced. Please see your local Inon dealer for pricing details.

Press release

Release of GoPro HERO9/HERO8 Accessories, Ball Adapter for GoPro

INON INC. is pleased to announce official release of SD Front Masks, M67 Filter Adapters for GoPro®HERO8 and GoPro®HERO9 as product details at previous news release

In addition to those accessories, we have small yet useful adapter for action cameras including GoPro® to set-up simple yet reliable selfie, follow camera system.

An adapter to link GoPro housing on a ball-joint of INON Carbon Telescopic Arm/Stick Arm to create a selfie, follow camera system. With the Ball Adapter for GoPro, compatible INON arms evolve to useful item for different applications. The adapter is equipped with a strap eyelet to attach a lanyard. The thumbscrew uses large wing knob making it easier to securely fix the angle of attached GoPro® camera not to let it lean while swimming or being in current. The adapter is designed for underwater use for superior durability and corrosion resistant characteristic.

Compatible arms

Ball Adapter for GoPro on Stick Arm S-T

Selfie Set S SD for HERO9 *The lanyard is not included.

Variety of Selfie Set are available as below.

*SD Front Mask for HERO9 (or HERO8) + Ball Adapter for GoPro + Carbon Telescopic Arm (S, M or L)
**M67 Filter Adapter for HERO9 (or HERO8) + Ball Adapter for GoPro + Carbon Telescopic Arm (S, M or L)

Simple selfie set (Ball Adapter for GoPro + Carbon Telescopic Arm)