Inon Announces Z330 and D200 Type 2 Strobes

Inon has announced that they will release new versions of their Z330 and D200 strobes. They both feature a new “fly-eye” diffusion surface on the inside of their dome ports that suppresses uneven light distribution. This also makes for a wide beam spread from their integrated focus lights.

The Z330 Type 2 and D200 Type 2 strobes will be available from 10 June. Please consult your local dealer for pricing information.

Press release

We are pleased to announce the official release of “Z-330 Type2” and ”D-200 Type2” on June 10, 2021.

The Type2 strobes are equipped with a newly designed fly-eye dome lens capable of suppressing uneven light distribution to deliver ideal circular lighting.

Z-330 Type2
JAN/EAN code: 456212143 851 4

D-200 Type2
JAN/EAN code: 456212143 893 4


The newly designed dome lens has carefully arranged fly-eye inner surface which suppresses uneven lighting without sacrificing strobe power and beam angle (110 degree underwater) generated by INON patented T-configuration flash tubes.

220 Lumen Wide Target Light

The shutter-linked Focus Light delivers the same 220lm and its beam angle gets widen through the newly designed dome lens. Same power with increased beam angle works well in various conditions.