Inon announces Front Masks for GoPro HERO8 and HERO9


Inon has announced new front masks for use with GoPro HERO8 and HERO9 action cameras in the GoPro housings. These masks allow the fitting of Inon’s semi-fisheye and wide close-up lenses for action cameras. In addition, Inon has released an M67 filter adapter for the masks, which allows the use of M67 threaded attachments, including Inon’s variable red filter

The SD Front Masks and M67 adapter will be available in January 2021. Please consult your local dealer for pricing information.

Press release

SD Front Mask, M67 Filter Adapter for GoPro HERO9/HERO8

INON INC. is pleased to announce SD Front Masks, M67 Filter Adapters for GoPro®HERO8 and GoPro®HERO9 to be released in January 2021.

The new SD Front Masks enable GoPro®HERO8 and GoPro®HERO9 owners to enjoy dedicated semi-fisheye lens “UFL-G140SD” which increases underwater angle of view and drastically minimize shooting distance, and wide close-up lens “UCL-G165SD” which provides ideal coverage and shooting distance for taking images of marine lives. The M67 Filter Adapters are to attach INON UW Variable Red Filter M67 on GoPro®HERO8/GoPro®HERO9 to easily obtain natural color without blueish color cast.

SD Front Mask for HERO8

SD Front Mask for HERO9

SD Front Mask for HERO9 installed on HERO9

SD Front Mask for HERO8 installed on HERO8




INON selfie kit using Carbon Telescopic Arm

UFL-G140SD sample movies

M67 Filter Adapter

With UW Variable Red Filter M67, it is easy to obtain natural color tone without bluish color cast by turning the front filter element when you change depth,.

Sample movie