Ikelite releases TTL converter for Olympus and Panasonic

Ikelite has released an external TTL converter for use with Olympus and Panasonic cameras. It is available in two versions; with either a Nikonos N5 or an Ikelite ICS-5 housing connection. The former is designed for use with photographers that have Nikonos bulkheads installed on their housings. Ikelite is also offering a package that includes the ICS-5 converter with an Ikelite PT-1 hotshoe to allow users to upgrade Ikelite housings.

Camera compatibility:

Strobe Compatibility:

Availability and pricing

All three products are available now, priced at $395 for the Nikonos, $350 for the ICS-5 and $375 for the hotshoe and converter package.