Dive Magazine, First Digital Cover

Article Summary:

Underwater photographer Douglas David Seifert and Dive Magazine editor Simon Rogerson have notified Wetpixel that Dive Magazine has printed their first all-digital cover!

"This is our first all-digital cover, and I'm extremely proud of it. I'm especially happy that our first digital cover should be an animal as majestic as the whale shark. Douglas David Seifert is probably the best shark photographer in the world, and o­nce again was first o­n the scene when an astonishing discovery was made.

"I have noticed certain correspondents arguing that current digital photography is not appropriate for magazine use. Hopefully this cover shot - and an A3 portrait of a great hammerhead we are using in our Shark Special magazine ­ will disabuse them of that notion. Make no mistake - digital has arrived." - Simon Rogerson [read more]