Aquatica developing a Kodak DSC Pro SLR/N Housing


Aquatica developing a Kodak DSC Pro SLR/N Housing

Before any underwater housing can be a successful product in this competitive high end digital market place,the camera that will go inside it must first pass the scrutiny of many reviews and professional tests that will make or break any new model.  The new Kodak DSC 14n pro seems to be such a camera.  Boasting a whopping 14MP and a full 35mm sensor untilizing a CMOS chip,  it challenges any model from any maker currently o­n the market.

This new design has caused much excitement in the underwater photography world.  The many features of the camera will take digital photography to a new level of excellence as Nikon photographers will now be able to use their existing arsenal of Nikon lenses and produce tack sharp images to 30 x 40 inches, rivaling medium format film.

Aquatica, o­ne of the world's true leaders in underwater housing design and development has recognized the potential of this camera and is already producing the tooling for the first prototype housings for the new Kodak DSC Pro SLR/n.  The new housing will access all the key functions to a working depth of 300 feet.  All ports will be interchangable with those of other Aquatica housings,  keeping in line their policy of interchangability between systems.

The housing will be available for the Nikon mount version of the Kodak camera. This will allow all current Nikon users to utilize all the lenses produced by Nikon and at their correct focal length.

Look out for the first reviews and underwater samples sometime in the next few months.