App: Marine Life of the North Atlantic

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A new iOS and Android app adds new functionality to the book “Marine Life of the North Atlantic Cape May to Canada.” It has identification for over 300 species and additional dive logging, notifications of species sightings and community sharing.

The app can be bought and downloaded and instantly installed on iOS or Android operating systems.

Press release

Marine Life North Atlantic the App

We love to dive and experience the underwater world. Some go to photograph and others simply to admire and appreciate the hidden beauty. After the dive we mentally review our wonderful experience and possibly try to describe the dive and record the names of the animals. Now there is a new incredible app that makes this very easy. Marine Life North Atlantic app is the new version of the popular book Marine Life of the North Atlantic Cape May to Canada. The application offers an easy identification for more than 300 marine plants and animals of the region.

The MENU allows easy access to all sections of the app.

Upon opening the app you will see your 3 choices - the Book, Dive Records and Menu.

The Book section, offers a digital and a 5th edition of the popular publication Marine Life of the North Atlantic. The printed version was created by Andrew Martinez, a diver and a passionate underwater photographer. Since 1993, when the first book was published, more than 20,000 copies were sold. Within next 20 years, Andrew has updated his book 3 times, adding more animals, their descriptions and corresponding pictures. But no matter how hard he tried he had to choose between the size of the book and number of the pictures.

The era of compact gadgets presented Andrew with an opportunity to include more detailed descriptions, more animals, and additional animal behavior photos into a few, weightless megabytes that can be downloaded to a mobil device. Also, the user can receive valuable information regarding dive related news, updates, travel information, club meetings, announcements etc.

The dots under the photo indicate the number of views of the animal and often of animal behaviors. Activating the FOLLOW button allows you to get notifications of where and when the animal was seen.

Now, if someone wishes to see a specific marine organism, all he or she has to do, is to click the “FOLLOW” button and then wait to receive the notification about an exact time and place where the “followed” animal was observed.

A great option of a mobile application, is that it can be updated, very often. Since its first appearance in the App Store and Google Play Market, more than 25 marine creatures have been added to the app. All users of the App will be able to download the free updates.

Dive Records: This page keeps track of the user’s dives and what was observed.

Another nice feature is the DIVE RECORD. Immediately after completing a dive, or during surface interval, while all memories are fresh a diver can log hers or his observations with just a few clicks. In addition a diver can check observations made by fellow divers and, if possible, to get to the other dive site, where a unique nudibranch or torpedo ray was recently observed.

This is a detailed view of the dive and some of the animals that were seen during the dive.

All dive records are stored on a Cloud, making an easy tack to synchronize all dive records, follow and life lists with just a click. Such functions allow a user to search Dive Records on any synced devise if he wishes to recall where a specific dive was made and what animals were spotted during that dive.

In the NOTIFICATION section you will receive notices of animals on your Follow list that have been observed by another user. This page also informs the user of dive related events and travel opportunities.

Sharing our observations with others allows those who are waiting to see specific animal that is on their FOLLOWING list. The app also gives an opportunity to keep some observations private, like a favorable lobster spot (I’m sure we all have a few :)

To conclude, Andrew Martinez, was able to fulfill his dream of creating the ideal mobil application - Marine Life North Atlantic - where all his ideas came true.

The app can be bought and downloaded and instantly installed on iOS or Android operating systems.