Announcing Wetpixel Live

Wetpixel Live

Powered by a huge community of enthusiasts that generously share their experiences and knowledge, Wetpixel is the world’s premium source for information about everything to do with underwater imaging. To help make this information more available to all, we are proud to announce Wetpixel Live.

Hosted by Wetpixel Editor Adam Hanlon, with regular contributions from Associate Editor and renowned photographer, Alex Mustard, Wetpixel Live is a regularly refreshed series of video conversations with leading underwater image makers about topics that are of interest to all those that venture beneath the surface with a camera. It is crammed full of hard-edged technical information and practical advice aimed at helping people create memorable images.

Adam says: “Wetpixel is the most comprehensive for information about underwater imaging. Wetpixel Live aims to answer some of the questions that are frequently asked on the forum and make this amazing resource more accessible to image-makers.”

The first episode is now live on the Wetpixel YouTube channel. It lists and explains 5 important tips for those starting out as underwater photographers.

Please head on over and check the episode out. If you enjoy it, subscribe to the channel to receive notifications as we add more episodes in the future.