Acquapazza ships housing for Sigma sdQuattro

Acquapazza are shipping their APSG-sdQ housing for the Sigma sdQuattro Foveon censored camera. The housing can be used with the Sigma 14 mm wide angle lens. It has dedicated lever for accessing the QS button, along with 20° angled hand grips and larger easy to access buttons.

The Acquapazza APSG-sdQ housing is shiping now. Please consult your local dealer for prices.

Press release

Acquapazza APSG-sdQ housing for the Sigma sdQuattro

The Acquapazza APSG-sdQ housing for the Sigma sdQuattro went on sale on August 10th.

The housing features the “LB port” which can accommodate lenses up to 108mm in diameter. As a result the Sigma 14mm wide lens can be used. As the camera is an APS-H sensor, it can use this lens full frame and the 170mm diameter dome port provides excellent image quality.

* The hand grip inclines 20 degrees and there are five mounting points for ball joints for attaching accessories. * The housing is protected with double O ring seals on the main closure as well as on all rotating and push button controls. * The polished push button controls are 10mm in diameter for ease of operation. In addition they are either angled or extended for easier operation and identification.

* Each button is laser etched with its function. * The housing is optionally compatible with Inon’s straight or 45° viewfinders. The other option is an LCD window.
* There are two tripod sockets in the housing’s base so you can use any commercially available tripod.