Gates - Howard Hall and Brian Skerry, at DEMA

John Ellerbrock, of Gates Underwater Products, wrote us to inform us of a book signing event with Howard Hall and Brian Skerry at their DEMA booth 1701A&B. The current schedule is Wed, Oct 23rd, between 2-4pm and Thurs, Oct 24th, between 10:30-12:30pm.

"We are very pleased to host the respected Howard Hall and Brian Skerry for a book signing event," comments John Ellerbrock, President of Gates Underwater Products. "The new wave of digital underwater photographers will find the tried and true tenants of ["Successful Underwater Photography"] an instant classic."

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Handler on the Aquatica A5000

Maurico Handler has provided a mini review of the Aquatica A5000 housing for the Nikon Coolpix 5000 digital camera. Handler also provides some exciting shark photos in his A5000 portfolio.

"Aquatica has done a fine job in housing this camera," concludes Handler, "they have attacked the design, building and delivery of a housing in a short period of time. In a market that changes every three months if not sooner, this is a gargantuan achievement."

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