Nauticam announces EMWL lens system Photo

Nauticam announces EMWL lens system

Nauticam is now shipping its Extended Macro Wide Lens (EMWL). This wet lens is used with popular macro lenses to achieve a POV image with both still and video cameras. It consists of three components, a focusing unit, the relay lens, and an objective lens. The latter is available in 130°, 100°, and 60° versions.

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Wetpixel Live: TTL or Manual Photo

Wetpixel Live: TTL or Manual

In general, underwater photographers have two options when it comes to controlling the output of their strobes to obtain a pleasing exposure. The first of these, TTL, uses an electronic process that meters and then automatically provides the correct amount of light, while the second relies on the photographer adjusting the strobes’ output manually. Alex Mustard and Adam Hanlon give their personal perspectives on which is the best option to chose.

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Wetpixel Live: Foolproof Flash Firing Photo

Wetpixel Live: Foolproof Flash Firing

One of the “dark arts” that are required when you are choosing and setting up your underwater camera is to get your camera and strobes to communicate with each other. Adam Hanlon and Alex Mustard address this on Wetpixel Live, describing the current methods available and suggesting some ideas that will help ensure that your flashes fire when you press the shutter.

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