Fundamentals of TTL Strobe Control by Pavel Kolpakov Photo

Fundamentals of TTL Strobe Control by Pavel Kolpakov

Underwater flash and lighting expert, Pavel Kolpakov of Underwater Technics presents an essential and comprehensive explanation of the history, development, and function of TTL flash control systems. This includes an overview of the types of underwater flashes currently available and how High-Speed Sync can be enabled by using appropriate housing circuitry and flashguns.

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UwP Magazine Issue 122 Available Photo

UwP Magazine Issue 122 Available

Underwater Photography magazine issue 122 is now available to download It contains reviews of the INON Z-300 Type 2, Ultralight GoPro mount, Sony FE 14mm GM lens, Olympus EPL-10 & AOI, and moving to Micro 4/3rds. My Shots features images from Anita Verde and Peter Marshall, Pete Atkinson, and Bert de Wit

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Video: Atomos Academy and Steve Bayes on ProRes Raw Photo

Video: Atomos Academy and Steve Bayes on ProRes Raw

The expansion of monitor/recorders and housings capable of HDMI 2.0 out has made the prospect of RAW video formats more attractive to underwater filmmakers. One of the more recent codecs is Apple’s ProRes RAW, and Steve Bayes of Hedge presents the first of a four-part series for the Atomos Academy discussing the history, benefits, and workflow tips of using ProRes RAW.

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Amphibious Whale Fossils Discovered Photo

Amphibious Whale Fossils Discovered

A paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B journal points to the existence of a 600kg amphibious whale-like animal that lived 43 million years ago. Named Phiomicetus anubis the discovery is based on fossil records discovered in Egypt’s Fayum Depression. The three-meter animals had “strong jaws” to catch their prey and had webbed feet to enable them to walk on land and swim underwater.

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Nirvana Baby Sues over Image Use Photo

Nirvana Baby Sues over Image Use

The BBC reports that the “Nirvana Baby” is suing the band claiming that his parents never signed a release to allow for his image to be used and that its use constitutes child pornography. The image, used on the album Nevermind, shows a naked baby apparently reaching for a dollar bill while underwater in a swimming pool. The dollar was actually added in post. Spencer Elden, now 30, has recreated the iconic album cover three times, including on its 20 year anniversary, but is now suing 15 defendants for sums of at least $150,000 each.

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Part 2: Rebreathers for Image Making by Nicolas Remy Photo

Part 2: Rebreathers for Image Making by Nicolas Remy

Nicolas Remy presents the second of his articles about the use of rebreathers for underwater image-making. The first article listed the advantages while this one concentrates on some of the hazards., logistical challenges, and problems that are associated with them, and encourages those considering using rebreathers to seek guidance and training from experts.

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