10 Bar announces new arms

10 Bar has announced that they are releasing a series of flotation arms and camera stays. They feature either high density foam or an air space that is equipped with a valve. The latter means that they can be water filled to achieve neutral buoyancy if the camera rig is too positive.

Prices and availability are to be announced.

Press release

10 Bar Announces the Launch of High Density Foam Float Arms and Stays

January 20, 2014 (Hong Kong) 10 Bar is pleased to announce the launch of foam float arms and stays. Made with high density foam, the arms and stays come in different sizes, shapes and diameters. Sturdy and light in weight, it is a handy accessory for underwater photography. Use one or a combination of different sizes to make the buoyancy of your photographic equipment neutral in the water.

Ball Joint Float Arms

There are two series: 22 cm in length and 9.9 cm in diameter. The 22 cm length series come with two diameters: 4.5cm and 5.5 cm. And the 9.9 cm diameter series come with 11 cm and 16 cm in length.

Ball Joint Float Stays

Made with the same high density foam, the stays have two different shapes and one length: 22 cm. It employs 1/4” screw system which is suitable for all camera brands. By using it, one can reduce the number of float arms needed for the right buoyancy.

Adjustable Buoyancy Float Arm

Made with aluminum with adjustable valves to regulate buoyancy, it is hollow inside. When the valve is open, water goes into the arm to produce weight. You can thus adjust it to the buoyancy you need. It’s only 0.24 kg in weight when empty and 20 cm in length, 5.5 cm in diameter.