Whalesharks wanted

We would like to spread the word about a public call to photographers for helping to protect the biggest fish on earth. In Jan 2004 sharktrust.org lined up together with Project-A.W.A.R.E to start tracing the migration routes of whale sharks. These routes maintain yet unknown and are essential for enforcing the protection of this lovely species.

If you have photos of a whale shark, you can help! All you have to do is to send a copy to sharktrust.org or Project-A.W.A.R.E, and quote the place and date you took the picture.

Scientist are going to match the dot pattern with other photos from their database to identify the shark.  The dot pattern o­n the whale shark is unique as a human fingerprint The more submissions are forwarded to scientists, the more precise the estimation of the migration routes is going to be.

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PMA 2004 Coverage

There are many new products being announced at this year's PMA Show in Las Vegas, including a new set of 8MP consumer cameras (which all use Sony's 8MP CCD), digital media card improvements (e.g. 8GB CF cards, 2GB memory stick pro cards, speed improvements), the first consumer camera to use a Foveon chip, and much more.

Instead of locally reproducing all of the press releases, I'd like to point you to Phil Askey's excellent product coverage of the show at his site, dpreview.com.

There is a lot of discussion going on in our forums about all of the new products. Please join us!

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Celebrate the Sea Marine Imagery Festival 2004 Photo

Celebrate the Sea Marine Imagery Festival 2004

The prestigious Celebrate the Sea Marine Imagery Festival 2004 just got bigger. We thought competitions, seminars, photographic workshops, static exhibitions, non-stop marine feature documentaries, the latest dive equipment, digital innovations and some of the world's leading underwater image makers was just not enough. So now, the four-day festival will run alongside

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Photos of Olympus 8080 Leaked Photo

Photos of Olympus 8080 Leaked

Update: According to Olympus's PMA announcement, the Pro88 actually IS the new Olympus 8080! A website not affiliated with Olympus has just released some photos of the new Oly 8 megapixel 8080 as well as the camera that looks like the E20 replacement apparently called the Pro88. I'm sure we'll hear more once the official Olympus PMA announcement comes out later this week.

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Features migrated

Craig Jones, one of our fearless co-admins, has finished migrating all of the features over from the old Wetpixel design. They are likely to still be rather buggy (e.g. links leading back into old sections of Wetpixel will probably not work), but we'll fix them as soon as possible. If you find broken links, please let us know.

Let's all give Craig -- and the rest of the Wetpixel staff -- our thanks. I am certainly very grateful for all the volunteer help we've been receiving here!

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“Deep Blue” BBC Movie

Wetpixel member Alex Mustard reports on the new feature film about the ocean "Deep Blue". Deep Blue is the cinematic version the BBC series "Blue Planet", and is sure to be on most divers "must see" list during 2004. The film is directed by Alastair Fothergill and Andy Byatt and will be distributed in North America by Miramax.

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Celebrate the Sea/Wetpixel Digital Portfolio 2004


Underwater photographers -- novice or professionals: this is your chance to enter one of the most prestigious underwater digital imagery competitions in the world. Held in association with the Antibes Festival Mondial de I'lmage Sous Marine, Wetpixel.com, and the Celebrate the Sea Imagery Festival Kuala Lumpur 2004, the cash, equipment and holiday prizes are valued to over USD $60,000 in total. Winning entries may also be selected as front cover photo for Scuba Diver Australasia. The results will be announced at a gala award ceremony on 31 July 2004 in Kuala Lumpur.

Entry is easy: just 3 images of your choice. Pictures may be captured any where in the world and will be judged both as a portfolio and individually. To enter, e-mail digital@oneocean.com for more information, or download an entry form now!

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