GB Undersea’s Digital Lens Dock

GB Undersea, maker of quality accessories for underwater camera systems, today announced the availability of a new product called the Digital Lens Dock(TM). The Digital Lens Dock(TM) provides a convenient, secure place to hold any 67mm diameter threaded add-on lens when not in use. With it, you can safely remove your add-on lens when you wish to use your camera's built-in optics. Operation is quick, easy, and o­ne-handed, as the lens slips quickly in or out without threading.

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Aquatica Working On S2 Pro

In addition to the many inquiries about there current digital product line, visitors to Aquatica's booth at D.E.M.A. 2002 wanted to know when the company would produce an aluminum housing for the Fuji S2. Because of the overwhelming demand, Aquatica's R&D department has begun work o­n a housing design that will accommodate the S2. Like Aquatica's D100 housing, the new design will use the same ports and gears as the Aquatica 90, 100 and F5 housings. The new S2 housing will be ready for delivery in the Spring of 2003. Watch this space,or visit www.aquatica.ca for more details.

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Minolta DiMAGE X Marine Case

Minolta US has announced the availability of the Minolta DiMAGE X Marine Case (we saw the housing at DEMA, and it had been previously announced by Minolta Japan back in May). We have ordered o­ne of these housings, and will post a review at some point in the future.

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Virus, at DEMA 2002 Hilton

Those of you who connected your computers to the Las Vegas Hilton during DEMA should check your computers for viruses! From Tim Baskin, posted o­n the uw-photo mailing list:
Just a little FYI. I was at the Hilton in Las Vegas this last week during DEMA. I logged o­n the high speed Internet offered in the hotel room. Lo and behold I got hit with the first virus I had encountered. It appears it was located o­n the hotel sever and infected any computer the logged o­n that had sharing turned o­n. My mistake. Luckily my virus software caught it in time. Just FYI. (I got a a derivation of the Nimda virus the comes from network connections)

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Ikelite S2 Pro Review

We've just posted a review of Ikelite's Fuji S2 Pro Digital SLR Housing, by James Wiseman: "For a digital shooter who is 'moving up' from a consumer camera to an SLR, there will be a lot to learn but you will also literally laugh with joy o­n your first dive with this setup. The camera's instantaneous response when you press the shutter is like a dream come true."
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