Aquatica’s I.C.U. Release

Aquatica has just released the I.C.U. ( Illumination Control Unit), currently available for use with the Aquatica A300 and the Canon Rebel body. Continue reading for full press release. *UPDATE* - Photos of production housings added.

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Whale Watch campaign initiative

'Whalewatch' is the new campaign initiative of over 140 animal welfare organisations representing more than 55 countries worldwide which focuses on the inherent cruelty associated with killing whales.

A few days ago, Whale Watch published a 150 page report called, "A Review Of The Welfare Implications Of Modern Whaling Activities." It can be found on their website at http://www.whalewatch.org/.

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Pentax’s Optio43WR watertight digicam

GOLDEN, Colorado (March 8, 2004) PENTAX U.S.A., Inc. has announced a second generation fully-immersable* digital camera -- the new Optio43WR. Featuring 4.0 effective megapixels, a powerful 2.8X zoom lens, and a JIS Class 7 waterproof rating that keeps the Optio43WR watertight even when the camera is rinsed, splashed or submersed in water. The Optio43WR may be immersed up to three feet for less than 30 minutes but should not be operated underwater. Although it is not an underwater camera, it could be the perfect camera for documenting dive trips from the dive deck.

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Aquatica’s E-TTL to TTL Bridge

A quick addendum to the Sea Rovers coverage:

I was excited to see Aquatica's 300D Canon Digital Rebel housing at Underwater Photo Tech's booth. In particular, I was excited about Aquatica's new E-TTL to TTL bridge. You can see where the board has been mounted in the photo on the left. Missing from the board are the actual chips that do the processing, but I was told that the chips are being programmed this very weekend, and will be shipping very soon.

As of today there is no reliable web information on this subject, but there will certainly will be, as soon as we get a review to post up on Wetpixel. Also keep your eyes on Underwater Photo Tech's site and Aquatica's site.

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Boston Sea Rovers 50th Anniversary Clinic

Hello, readers. Over the weekend, I had the great pleasure of giving a seminar on digital underwater photography to a broad audience at the Boston Sea Rovers 50th Anniversary Clinic. The Sea Rovers are a not-for-profit volunteer organization dedicated to increasing awareness and appreciation of the marine environment, and are among the oldest of the underwater photographic society. While at the show, I received tremendous validation that what we are doing here at Wetpixel is working; numerous people stopped me in the hallways to thank me for the site and to ask various questions about equipment and techniques. It was very nice to meet you all! There are some photographs of the Sea Rovers Clinic on my website.

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