Wetpixel Live: Choosing a Strobe Photo

Wetpixel Live: Choosing a Strobe

Photography is in essence the capture of light. Given that most underwater images are captured using artificial light, often in the form of strobes, perhaps we should consider our choice of strobe as being the single most important equipment decision we make. Alex and Adam discuss this and offer some guidelines for underwater photographers considering purchasing underwater lighting.

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Wetpixel Live: How To Find Your Files Photo

Wetpixel Live: How To Find Your Files

Underwater photographers spend a great deal of time and expense seeking perfection in their images. This includes expensive camera systems, exotic travel, and significant time expanding and developing their skills. Ultimately though, our ability to find the image files we have created is critical in order for us to justify this expenditure and enjoy the activity. Alex and Adam offer some ideas about how a workflow can help to ensure that your images are easy to find.

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