Wetpixel Alaska Expedition 2013

2 Weeks On The Vessel Nautilus Swell.
18 July to 1 August 2013.

Join Wetpixel and underwater photographer Jason Bradley on a true dive adventure photographing and diving Alaska’s famous Inside Passage.

Trekking between Juneau and Ketchikan Alaska, we will spend two weeks shooting gorgeous and lush reefs, humpback whales, glaciers, sea otters, Stellar sea lions, bald eagles, harbor seals, jellyfish, wolf eels, and much, much more. Around every corner is something new for your lens and photographic portfolio. Don’t miss this trip!

Boat: Nautilus Swell

Diving Style: Dives will be conducted off of a large aluminum skiff, where all dive equipment will stay for the entire diving schedule. The majority of dives are done during slack tide and typically last from 45-60 minutes. All dives are strictly timed; for safety, you must be on the surface at the end of pre-determined dive times. Water temperature ranges from the low 40s to the low/mid 50s F.

Other Activities: Topside Alaska is absolutely gorgeous, and kayaks are available for those who want to skip out on diving. We will likely be stopping at small towns on the way, doing short hikes to lakes and hot springs. Also, there is a hot tub on the top deck, and while hot water and diving are normally not suggested, it can be nice to warm up after a day in the cold ocean.

Accommodation: The Nautilus Swell features 2 double-occupancy superior suites and 4 double-occupancy staterooms. We will be taking 11 guests plus Jason for a total of 12 divers. Please see the ship tour on Nautilus Swell’s website for full details.


Balance is refundable upon cancellation only if we fill your spot with a paid guest.

Trip cost includes live-aboard boat accommodation, scuba diving, tanks, air fills, weights, weight belt, food and non-alcoholic drinks. Not included is airfare, local accommodation, and alcoholic drinks.

Payment schedule (per person):

$1,500 deposit, non-refundable.
$1,500 payment due 18 February, 2013.
Balance due 20 April, 2013.

Contact Person for booking or more information about the trip is Jason Bradley. Please let him know that you are interested in or would like to book the 18 July Wetpixel Alaska trip.

Planned Schedule: Trip dates are 18 July to 1 August 2013. Guests must arrive in Juneau, AK with plenty of time to board the Nautilus Swell at 6pm on 18 July. Guests will disembark out of Ketchikan, AK on 1 August.